RECENT NEWS ..►GLOBAL ENGLISH FEST 2K18 registrations open. Hurry up!..►Global english fest on december,2k18 to enthrall Globalized student clan..► Loyola English club #ACTIVITY-2 shall be announced soon .....► Make use of the e-RESOURCES and the old papers published in the blog .....► The Department of English, ALC mourns the death of the veteran ANGLO-INDIAN writer Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul.....► Poetry writing competition results announced. Congragulations to the winner .....► LITERATURE STUDENTS BAG OVERALL PRIZE AT SPARKLIT 2K18, STELLA COLLEGE



Getting good thoughts?

Put it in sentences...

Show it to the world...

Explore and improve.


  1. No Plagiarism.
  2. If you've quoted some lines from a article published in internet or a book please type it down in giving a space for  references.
  3. The word or PDF document should contain fonts used for formal purposes such as ARIAL, TIMES NEW ROMAN, CALIBRI, etc.,
  4. Provide an image relating the work (if any)*.
  5. Try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

For Submission:

  1. Click on the submit.
  2. Fill up the application form.
  3. The fields marked with * are compulsory. 
  4. Upload the file and submit it.
  5. You are done!


  1. The submitted work is sent to the Department head for scrutiny.
  2. After the consent from the department head, one's work get published.
  3. In case of any regrets one can meet the student coordinator or the teacher coordinator of the concerned activity.


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