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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Global English fest on 6 December,2018

Global English fest on 6 December,2018

The Department of English is going to organize a One day literary festival on 6 December,2018. This State level literary festival is intended to develop in students communicative and optimist spirit to go on with the globalized clan. 

The details of the several events are furnished below


INK SLINGER (Report  writing)
  • ·       All Participants will be shown a video clip.
  • ·       Students need to write a report about the incident in the video clip.
  • ·       All the formal rules of report writing are needed to be followed.
  • ·       Duration of the competitions is 45 minutes.
  • ·       Words limit – 300 - 400 words.

  • ·       Each group consists of 2 members.
  • ·       Maximum of 2 groups from each college.

BLUE BOOK (Literary Quiz)
  • ·       Each group consists of 3 members.
  • ·       Maximum of 2 groups from each college.
  • ·       A preliminary test shall be conducted.
  • ·       Top 5 teams will be selected for finale.

PANOPLY (PPT Competition)
  • ·       Maximum of 3 members from each college.
  • ·       Topic - Impact of Globalization on English Language.

  • ·       All the Participants will be given a theme.
  • ·       Poem can be written in any form.
  • ·       Duration of the competitions is 45 minutes.


  • ·       Maximum of 3 participants from each college.
  • ·       Participants can choose any topic of their choice.
  • ·       Use of bad signs and un parlimentary language is prohibited.
  • ·       5 minutes of time will be given to each participant.

PAGEANTRY (Dance Competition)
  • ·       Each group consists of 6 members.
  • ·       Song of any language can be chosen.
  • ·       Each group shall be given 5 minutes.
  • ·       Use of bad signs and item songs is prohibited.

  •     Maximum of 4 members from each college.
  •  Competition will be conducted in three rounds.
  •   Round -1 : Introductory round.
  • Round -2 : Talent round
  • Final round : Questionnaire.


Registrations are in both offline and online mode. Online mode of registrations make one's work easier. 

Open the registrations tab to apply now or 


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